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Kelly's is a superior choice for air conditioning repair.

You can count on Kelly's for proper air conditioning diagnosis to find out where your air conditioner needs repair or service.

We'll give you an accurate evaluation of your air conditioning systems overall health and what AC repair, service or options are in your best interest.

You can depend on us for a quality air conditioning system repair, good advice and good service, with a warranty we stand behind!

If a new air conditioning and heating system is needed Kelly's recommends the system best suited for your home, for dependability, efficiency and in keeping with your needs. Either through repair, service or replacement your home air conditioning will be more dependable, efficient and comfortable after our job is complete.

My promise to you

My company will advise you properly. We will do quality repair and service work and we will guarantee it.

When you need air conditioning repair or service please give me a call.

My website is full of good and accurate information on air conditioning and heating. The following information will help you avoid mistakes or being taken by bad air conditioning and heating contractors. Tom Kelly

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Air conditioner Repair

When you use a good AC repair company such as Kelly's, our job is to provide you with accurate information on your air conditioning system health and the suspected reasons for the current failure. Then provide a set price to do the repairs or service required to bring your air conditioning up to energy efficient operating condition.

Our repair technician will make an overall assessment of your air conditioner. We take into consideration system age, how clean is the condenser and furnace? Is dirt causing premature part failure or wear? Has extensive damage been done? Is the compressor operating within design parameters? Or is it getting close to failure?

With an older system we want to advise you properly, sometimes repair and cleaning work well, sometimes that ends up being a waste of your money. Evaluating your system and with our experience we give you our opinion on the best route to take. You will be kept fully informed and given a no surprise price to do what is needed to repair or service your air conditioning system.

Call us at 714-750-6583 for any residential or commercial air conditioning repair or service.

Your air conditioner will be glad you did!

Our warranty is a no surprise or cost, full year of parts and labor. Kelly's offers quick air conditioning repair response time! Our customers can verify this for you.

Kelly's yearly service / Preventive maintenance customers always receive 10% off parts and labor

Tom Kelly